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Investor-Ready is a step-by-step program & community with:

  • Direct access to Agata
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  • Plug & play templates
  • A strong community of like-minded founders

...With so many founders looking for capital and a limited supply of investors, it is important to give yourself any advantage you can to make the process effective and results-oriented.

If you are fortunate enough to get to the presentation phase, you need to bring your BEST presentation and be strategically ready for any due diligence checks to come.

INVESTOR-READY is a program that contains the fundamentals you need to create your own pitch deck presentation and kick-start your fundraising journey that will leave investors wanting more!
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What's inside?

  • Expert Tips: Insights from industry leaders on securing investment and pitching to VCs.

  • Success Stories: Motivating journeys of founders who’ve successfully raised capital.

  • Creative Boosts: Innovative ideas and trends to give your startup an edge.

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Teja, Founder

United Kingdom 🇬🇧


"As a first time founder, I was so confused how to fundraise, and working together with Agata, gave me so much clarity and structure on how to fundraise, how to strategize everything. And also she helped me make an amazing pitch deck which I am now confident to present to all of the investors I'm talking to."

Alex, Founder

Switzerland 🇨🇭


"Working with agata in the pitch course program helped me build an investment ready pitch deck. Now I can confidently pitch in front of investors. I would recommend it to anyone starting their fundraising journey."

Lucy, Founder

United Kingdom 🇬🇧


“I found the program so useful - it tells you with absolute clarity, what to put on what slide, how to do it, and why. It could not have been simpler to follow and was so much better than any information on how to do a pitch deck, that I had read about before."

INVESTOR-READY is for you, if you are a...


First-time Founder

This is your first or second time raising money.

You need a clear overview on what investors are looking for in a pitch.

You want ready-to-use templates and help to tailor them your business.


Experienced Founder

You have been in business for a while, and may even have raised money before.

This time it really counts, and you need the tools to take it to the next level and get the funding you need, by the time you need it.



You are working on your first project on the side or for school.

Learn the basics and craft your first pitch deck the right way.



The system I share with you...

...inside the INVESTOR-READY program is the exact same one I've used to raise 6- Figure funding for my own business but importantly over 12 Million EUROS for other founders BUT I'm not suggesting that this happened overnight! 

The truth is, fundraising for your own startup includes taking risks as well as making a continuous effort and taking action. If you're not willing to do so, please don't get this course.

Brands I've helped

Who is Agata Andryszczak?

Agata is a London Business School Scholar in Venture Capital and has been immersed in the startup culture since 2018.

 Formerly an investment banker from JP Morgan and Exchange Market Analyst from Bloomberg in multiple global cities from London to New York and Tokyo, she ventured into entrepreneurship due to her diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. Agata has founded food tech business, AHARABAR - the first snack bar in the market with fortified vitamins providing 33% of the daily vitamin C intake and raised 6-figure funding from Venture Capital and Public Grants.

 Subsequently, She established a venture coaching studio for female founders, assisting them in raising over €12 million in 2023. She also advises pre-seed and seed founders on entrepreneurial finance topics and acts as an advisor for Loyal VC and Campus Founders.

 Additionally, she actively contributes to the European VC ecosystem as an analyst and is finalizing her CFA ESG certification, demonstrating her commitment to sustainable investing.

 Agata is also the co-initiator of Foundrise - which primary goal is to empower female founders by ensuring that they recognize the tremendous value in their ideas, experiences, and contributions. Foundrise aims to achieve this by creating a vibrant and supportive community that is specifically tailored to their needs.



✅ I have helped almost 100 founders receive their first and second investment with a 98% success rate. Most founders got their first investment within 4 months of working with me.

✅ I have helped other founders raise over €12 million in 10 markets, in less than 4 years.

✅ I have raised +€750k for my own start-up, Spoons of Taste, where we are now doing high 6 figures in yearly revenue.

Europe’s leading program & community for


Through a series of easy-to-understand but still comprehensive videos, you will learn the secrets behind what investors are looking for. 
With my plug & play proven templates for pitch decks, emails, checklists & more, it has never been easier to become a fundraising expert.
You will never be left alone, with our strong founder-community and weekly Q&A's with me. You will always have an answer for you question.
No more:


❌ Expensive agencies


❌ Long seminars


❌ Endless search of information scattered across the web


Instead, you get:


Small business founders that received big business investments

Featured in

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by Agata Andryszczak

✅ You become a part of a vibrant community with other ambitious founders, just like you.

✅ You get direct access to me through our weekly community Q&A's.

I take your hand and guide you all the way to your first investment.

✅ I have helped almost 100 founders receive their first and second investment with a 98% success rate. Most founders got their first investment within 4 months of working with me.

✅ I have helped other founders raise over €12 million in 10 markets, in less than 4 years.

✅ I have raised +€750k for my own start-up, Spoons of Taste, where we are now doing high 6 figures in yearly revenue.

Other fundraising courses

❌ Self-claimed "experts" who never have raised money for their own business. 

❌ No community.

❌ No Q&A's.

❌ Basic videos or no videos at all.

❌ Poor templates.


Here's what you'll achieve through INVESTOR READY

✔ CRAFT A WINNING PITCH DECK with comprehensive template slides designed for closing deals faster.

 Develop a STRATEGIC FUNDRAISING PLAN to showcase your commitment and impress investors.

 Hone your presentation skills to AUTHENTICALLY REPRESENT YOUR BRAND and business model.

✔ Gain access to INVALUABLE RESOURCES, including a due diligence checklist, Investor-ready email scripts, and a term sheet to expedite investor commitment.

I'll provide YOU with ALL THE FOLLOWING

20+ Videos Pitch Deck Slide Mastery Secrets

Unlock essential Investor insights and design tips for each slides with expert-led videos, ensuring impactful Pitch Deck

20+ Slides Must-Have Plug & Play Pitch Deck Template

Craft a powerful pitch deck with my plug-and-play Canva slides, designed to impress Investors.

Must-Have Plug & Play Teaser Deck Template

Influence investors with ease using my plug-and-play Canva slides, perfect for creating your Teaser Deck.

Must-Follow Due Diligence Checklist

Streamline your deal securing process with my comprehensive checklist of essential documents for your Data Room, saving you weeks in closing time

Investor-Ready Email Scripts

Access a comprehensive collection of email templates tailored for investor communication, covering all scenarios from outreach to follow-ups, proven to raise six-figure funding.

Investor-Ready Term Sheet

Expedite Investor commitment with my comprehensive term sheet templates, covering all communication needs from outreach to follow-ups

2x Bonus Group MasterClass

Enjoy personalised guidance and support with two bonus group calls (max 20 People per call) led by me, offering invaluable insights and strategies for success.

Are you ready to secure your dream investor and take your business to the next level?


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  • 20+ Expert Videos and Plug & Play Slides

  • Teaser Deck Template

  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Investor-Ready Email Scripts
  • Investor-Ready Term Sheet
  • 2x Bonus Group MasterClass
  • Weekly Q&A's with Agata
  • Strong community of other founders

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